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How are we doing?

Overview and CQC Inspections

During our last inspection we were found to be meeting the required standard and excelling in the following areas:

  • Treating people with respect and involving them in their care
  • Providing care, treatment and support that meets people’s needs
  • Caring for people safely and protecting them from harm
  • Staffing
  • Quality and suitability of management

Read the full report here: CQC Inspection Report

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GP Patient Survey

“94% of respondents say the last nurse they saw or spoke to was good at involving them in decisions about their care”

“93% of respondents say the last GP they saw or spoke to was good at giving them enough time”

Read full survey results here



Patient Survey Results

Q1 Are Male or Female?

Male 40%
Female 60%

Q2 What age are you?

Age Male Female
Up to 44 yr 20% 20%
45yrs-65yr 20% 30
65+ yr
No Age Given 10%

Q3 How easy is it to get through to someone at the surgery on the phone?

Response %
Very Easy 45.4
Fairly Easy 36.4
Not Very Easy 18.2
Not Easy
Haven’t Tried

Q4 How helpful do you find the receptionists at the surgery?

Response %
Very Helpful 63.6
Fairly Helpful 27.3
Not Very helpful
Not all all helpful 9.1

Q5 How do you normally book your appointment to see the GP/Nurse?

Response %
In Person 42.9
By Phone 50
On line 7.1
Does Not Apply

Q6 Please advise which of these on-line services you have used in the past 6 months

Response %
Appointments 45.4
Prescriptions 18.2
Not used this service 36.4

Q7 What type of appointment did you last get – I got an appointment

Response %
T ospeak to triage nurse 7.7
To see the GP at the surgery 61.5
To see a nurse at the surgery 23.1
To speak to the GP on the phone 7.7
To speak to a nurse on the phone
For someone to visit me at home

Q8 Overall how would you describe your experience of making an appointment?

Response %
Very Good 54.5
Fairly Good 27.3
Neither good nor poor 18.2
Fairly Poor
Very Poor

Q9 Last time you saw or spoke to a Health Professional/GP – How good were they at each of the following?

Giving enough time
Response %
Very Good 72.7
Good 27.3
Very Poor
Does Not apply
Listening to you
Response %
Very Good 70
Good 20
Average 10
Very Poor
Does Not apply
Explaining tests and treatments
Response %
Very Good 72.7
Good 9.1
Average 9.1
Very Poor
Does Not apply 9.1
Involving you in decisions about your care
Response %
Very Good 63.6
Good 18.2
Very Poor
Does Not apply 18.2
Treating you with care and concern
Response %
Very Good 72.7
Good 18.2
Poor 9.1
Very Poor
Does Not apply

Q10 Did you see a doctor or a nurse?

Response %
Doctor 75
Nurse 25

Q11 Did you have confidence and trust in the person you saw?

Response %
Yes 81.8
Partially 18.2
No, not at all
Don’t know

Q12 How would you describe your experience of your surgery?

Response %
Very Good 63.6
Good 9.1
Average 27.3
Fairly Poor
Very Poor

Q13 Would you recommend your GP surgery to someone who has just moved into your local area?

Response %
Extremely likely 63.6
Likely 27.3
Neither likely or unlikely
Unlikely 9.1
Extremely unlikely
Don’t know

Q14 Do you have any suggestions, comments or recommendations?

  1. Surgery is very good. Staff are good. Doctors and nurses are good. Surgery is clean but small. I am happy with everything at my surgery
  2. Fishergate Hill Surgery is excellent. Staff are good and helpful. Doctors and nurses are great, they work very hard and for too many hours, also the staff do this to provide us with a healthy service. I am grateful for my Fishergate Hill Surgery, I am grateful for all they do. The only suggestion is that the main door is very noisy
  3. Have you ever thought about providing ??(unable to read the writing – sorry. Please get in touch with us regarding this)
  4. Waiting times are very long. Often I wait 40 mins after appointment time to be seen. This is worse for appointments after school and often makes me late for work
  5. Receptionists are unfriendly, often unhelpful and sometimes frankly rude. Everything either my partner or I have ever asked of them seems to be a chore. I don’t know if this is the working environment of the surgery or the patients they have to deal with or just their personality. As the face of the surgery they really let you down. I previously worked as a receptionist at a busy GP surgery and know the pressures of the job, but equally I know how easy it is to treat the patients with respect and a friendly demeanour
  6. Appointments are always late- she didn’t have anyone in before me and the appointment was still 25 mins late. We respect you by being on time and you should respect our time too

Practice Responses

The surgery continues to evaluate the training needs of the staff and update where necessary.

Appointments with the doctor are ten minutes long. However patients often present with multiple problems which can take longer. A notice has been added to the consulting room doors advising patients that if they would like a longer appointment this can be booked with reception. Doctors may also be interrupted during surgery with emergency situations which can not be foreseen. Reception make every effort to keep patients informed if a GP is running late.

The surgery is looking at quotes for installing new automatic opening front doors.

The surgery has recently completed building work with the addition of 3 new consulting rooms. It also has plans to divide the old treatment room into 2 consulting rooms and has acquired planning permission to build 4 further consulting rooms on waste land behind the practice

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